DDCs asked to investigate activities of NGOs

Kathmandu, June 30

The Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development has issued a directive to all 75 district development committees to vigorously investigate activities of NGOs registered with them and initiate legal action against those found guilty.

MoFALD issued a circular to the DDCs in this regard yesterday after the Commission for the Investigation of the Abuse of Authority wrote to the government requesting it to monitor and probe alleged embezzlement of fund by local NGOs and proceed with necessary action against them through the Ministry of Health, Social Welfare Council, district administration offices and DDCs.

The corruption watchdog had registered complaints of misappropriation of millions of rupees the NGOs received in the name of operating various programmes on HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, rehabilitation of drug abusers, and migration in the districts.

According to the MoFALD, the NGOs received a huge amount of money from donor agencies and INGOs like UNDP, UNICEF and International Drug Users Network, among others, for operation of designated programmes but allegedly spent the money in contravention of the agreement to serve their vested interests.

The MoFALD without giving any time frame has also asked the local bodies to submit their investigation reports.

Earlier, the ministry had directed all DDCs to not entertain any proposal from any NGO promoting a particular religion and to engage them in development activities, while ensuring their accountability and transparency.

Complaints had been filed against some NGOs for promoting a particular religion in the name of providing relief to quake survivors.

Even in April, the MoFALD had issued a seven-point directive to the local bodies to ensure the effectiveness of NGOs in development activities in their responsibility areas.