Deal signed to restore roads dug up for laying water pipelines

Kathmandu, December 26

Project Implementation Directorate of the Kathmandu Upatyaka Khanepani Limited and Office of the Kathmandu Metropolitan City have concluded an agreement for restoring roads dug up for laying water pipelines in the capital.

The PID is currently laying water pipelines in various parts of Kathmandu as part of water supply improvement project under the financial assistance of Asian Development Bank.

The failure of authorities to restore the roads has not only posed a risk to pedestrians and vehicles, but has also added to traffic snarls and pollution.

As per the agreement, PID will restore the roads dug up for laying water pipelines. “If any portion of a blacktopped road is dug up, the PID will restore it,” reads the agreement.

Similarly, the PID will be required to coordinate with the Department of Physical Development and Construction under the KMC while preparing tender document and specifications for laying utility lines. As all roads below eight metres of width fall under the responsibility of KMC, the PID will furnish the metropolis its schedule for laying pipelines.

“If the PID fails to execute works within the given time-frame, the KMC may prohibit it from digging up roads. Both parties have also agreed to carry out their works in such way as not to affect the mobility of locals and to inform them about the time to be taken to restore the roads. Excess soil dug out will also be managed immediately.

“The PID will be required to conduct test of construction materials used for restoring dug up roads and submit a copy of the test report to the KMC to ensure quality,” says the agreement. The agreement was signed by project director Tejraj Bhatta on behalf of the PID and by KMC chief Rudra Singh Tamang on behalf of the metropolis earlier this week.