Kathmandu, August 21:

Under Secretary-General for Political Affairs B Lynn Pascoe, who visited Nepal recently, has said that on the Truth and reconciliation process and the possibility of amnesty for ex-combatants, the UNMIN’s human rights section has been discussing the issue with the government, in particular “what the international community sees as acceptable” in that regard.

He added that more discussions are needed, particularly with the civil society, before any decision on amnesty can be arrived at. “I think they’re well short of that part of the process yet,” he stated, adding: “I said when I was there that we don’t believe people should be able to have immunity for crimes. We’ll see how this process goes. We’re in a dialogue with them on this issue.”

Pascoe hailed the preparations for upcoming elections in Nepal and urged all political parties to ensure that the process remains on track.

“We’re getting all of the pieces of the election together. I think it’s in good shape, and the real question now is everybody having the will to make it happen,” Pascoe said at a press briefing in New York yesterday. He underlined the importance of an open, fair and transparent election taking place on time.