Declare Nepal a republic state: Minister

Kathmand, November 14:

Minister for Land Reform and Management Prabhu Narayan Chaudhari today said that the state should declare Nepal a republic immediately as people cannot wait for the election of constituent assembly for this.

“The whole county is in favour of a republican system. It should be declared that Nepal is a republican state before the election of constituent assembly is held,” he said.

Chaudhary was addressing an interaction programme on the peace deal, organised by the Forum For Intellectual Debate.

He said that when all are united to remove the king and monarchy, some leaders are still speaking in “crooked language” to save the king. “What is the secret of the attachment of some leaders to the king?” he asked.

Chaudhari said that though the recent peace accord was historic, it lacked any word to console the voices of the indigenous people, women, Dalits and the Madheshis.

“Nobody can guarantee permanent peace in the country until all the problems people have been raising are not addressed properly,” he said.

He also urged all to finalize the issue of citizenship as soon as possible.

Dr Minendra Rijal of NC-D said that the country is still under the shadow of terrorism though the situation is gradually getting democratic and open.

He also said that only the federal system of government would relieve the people from the ethnic, religious, cultural and regional discriminations they have so far been facing.

Binaya Dhwaj Chanda of NC urged all to create and develop an atmosphere of trust among all the leaders to come up with fair election of constituent assembly. He also charged the Maoists of violating the code of conduct.

Ramprit Paswan, the vice-chairman of the Upper House said the historic document failed to address the woes of indigenous people, women, Dalits and Madheshis. Jog Mehar Shrestha, the vice-president of Rashtriya Prajatantra Party, said the party would not create any obstacle if people’s voice is for republic.

“We by nature are supporters of constitutional monarchy, but we are not going to oppose the voice of republicans if it comes through the constituent assembly,” he said.