Decrying war, artistic way

Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, April 30:

Ashmina Ranjit has planned an ‘artistic’ way to protest the ongoing violence and for the freedom of speech. She will be making use of installation art to draw the attention of the parties concerned to people’s wish for peace and stability in the country. About her protest style, she said: “This is the voice of common people.” Carrying huge pile of books covered with a sheet of plastic that will be chained and locked, Ashmina plans to demonstrate at Ghantaghar tomorrow evening. She will ask passerbys to help her tear the pages of the books in her bid to end violence. In a yet another demonstration, she and her students will go from door-to-door in the Bagbazaar area offering people her ‘blood’ in pots. Organisers have promised other such unique acts to promote peace. “Each passerby and observer will be a performer in the protest,” they said. All FM stations will be airing programmes for peace tomorrow.