Deliberations on statute draft conclude, members get 6 days for amendment

KATHMANDU: The deliberation over the Nepal Constitution Revised Bill, 2015 ended after five days of beginning at the Constituent Assembly on the fifth day on Sunday.

The CA has allocated six-day time to register any amendment proposal on the Bill.

Lawmakers interested to file their amendment proposals can register the paper by September 5, according to the CA Secretariat.

During today’s deliberation participating lawmakers insisted on embarking on the road towards economic prosperity by promulgating a new constitution and by addressing the country's needs and aspirations.

The lawmakers stressed on a number of issues including formulation of the least number of provinces by encompassing the mountainous, hilly and Tarai plains, formation of women, Dalit and indigenous nationalities' commissions and granting rights to all ethnic communities and regions.

Most of the lawmakers called the Tikapur incident of being against human sentiments and against the norms of human civilisation. They also demanded for stringent penalty for those involved in the incident.

The lawmakers further asked the government to address the demands of the disgruntled communities positively and recommended the major four political parties to lay special focus on the increasing cases of political dissatisfaction in various parts of the country.

The Constituent Assembly (CA) members said that the constitution making process was designed to ensure rights of the people and called for devolving additional power to the local bodies in view of the country's adaptation of the federal structure. They underlined the need for reformation in the revised draft constitution.