Dense smog likely to affect Tarai, says Meteorological Forecasting Division

Kathmandu, November 10

The toxic smog blanketing New Delhi for the last few days is likely to affect the southern plains in the country.

According to Meteorological Forecasting Division, areas bordering India in the Tarai will continue to be affected as the smog in Delhi is not localised but spread across the entire region.

Meteorologist at MFD Suvash Rimal said the smog might further spread across the Tarai. He said the smog-like conditions would continue every morning until the weather conditions in the Indian capital improved.

“Since areas bordering India continue to be shrouded by smog, it is likely to spread to other parts of the country,” Rimal told The Himalayan Times, adding, “But there is no need to worry as smog would clear in the afternoon.”

He said the smog would not reach Kathmandu Valley and other hilly areas of the country.

MFD said there is no chance of rain and other weather disturbances for the next three days. It has forecast partly cloudy weather in the eastern hilly region and fair in the rest of the country.