Dental students padlock two CTEVT offices

Madhyapur Thimi, Dec 21:

The Nepal Dental Science Association, a group of students enrolled in three-year intermediate in dental science course, today padlocked central office of Council for Technical

Education and Vocational Training in Sanothimi and its regional office in Pokhara, accusing CTEVT of not abiding by its commitments made in the past.

The CTEVT had assured the students of fulfilling their 11-point demand that includes permitting the students of three-year certificate course in dental science to study Bachelors in Dental Science, ensuring reservation of fifth level quota in government offices, change in curriculum and formation of a faculty board.

Michael Devkota, president of NDSA, said, “The CTEVT has always ignored our demands. This time our protest will go on for an indefinite period.

We will continue padlocking the CTEVT offices unless they come up with some real action.”

The agitating students have also demanded the implementation of the decisions made by the cabinet on August 21 and 24, 2006.

The students have already padlocked the CTEVT office twice.

Kalam Ahmed, member secretary of the CTEVT, said students’ demands were genuine and they fully supported the students. “We are in the process of forming the faculty board and are also going to change the curriculum as per the students’ demands.”

Ahmed also said they were not being able to fulfill all the demands of the students because of the Nepal Dental Association (NDA), an association of dentists.

“The NDA has warned us that it would announce protest programmes if the students’ demands were fulfilled,” Ahmed added.