DoA expedites work on Bal Gopaleshwor temple reconstruction

Kathmandu, November 9

The Department of Archaeology has expedited reconstruction of Bal Gopaleshwor temple, which is situated in the middle of Rani Pokhari.

According to department, reconstruction work started before Dashain and Tihar festivals and would complete within the next five months. The DoA had taken over the responsibility of  reconstructing Bal Gopaleshwor temple from the office of the Kathmandu Metropolitan City in October last year.

Spokesperson for the department Ram Bahadur Kunwar claimed the temple would be reconstructed in its original design in five months. He also blamed the contractor for the delay in starting reconstruction work. The department said the temple was being rebuilt at the cost of Rs 16 million.

The reconstruction of iconic Ranipokhari was halted in September 2016 following differences with the DoA and Kathmandu Metropolitan City over the use of roller-compacted concrete for erecting pillars and foundation of the temple.

The DoA had directed the metropolis to put reconstruction work on hold after the KMC erected RCC pillars “against the original design”.

The UNESCO was also very concerned about ‘inappropriate rebuilding of historic structures’, in particular Ranipokhari. The historic structure of religious importance dating back to 1670 AD is among the most famous landmarks in Kathmandu.

The temple had suffered severe damage in the 2015 earthquakes. The temple was commissioned by King Pratap Malla in 1670 to console his queen, who was bereaved of their son.

Bal Gopaleshwor temple is opened to the public only on the day of Bhai Tika every year. However, for the last three years, people have been celebrating the festival outside the temple.