Deputy mayors of Bhaktapur municipalities receive scales as symbol of justice

NAGARKOT, BHAKTAPUR: In a symbolic bid for justice, the Sociology Studies Centre, Bhaktapur handed over scales, the symbol of justice, to the deputy mayors of municipalities in the district.

The scales were given to deputy mayors of all the four municipalities in the district, including Nagarkot, Bhaktapur, Madyapur Thimi and Suryabinayak.

According to the new constitution, deputy mayors are the chief of quasi judicial bodies at the local level; therefore the scales were presented to them in a symbolic way to encourage them to deliver justice impartially, said Chief Judge of Bhaktapur District Court Bhoj Raj Sharma.

While speaking at the event, Chief Judge Sharma also stressed the need for the deputy mayors to act responsibly as chief of the quasi judicial bodies.

In return, the deputy mayors pledged to carry out their work impartially in maintenance of justice in the district.