Disabled cyclist to restart tour

Kathmandu, April 16:

With a motive that differently-abled people are as able as normal human beings, disabled cyclist Chitra Poudel is going to restart his journey after one month, in order to promote world peace

and love.

Poudel started his journey on July 1, 2003 from India. He has already travelled 12 countries with the message of world peace and love. “I received support in the countries where I had been. Many other disabled foreigners were also inspired by my contribution towards the country. However, Tamil gangsters in Malaysia snatched my passport. It was no doubt a bitter experience,” he said.

While here, he has been working to collect sponsors for restarting his journey. “I would like to contribute to the social welfare of the disabled,” he said. He was felicitated by different international organisation as recognition for his work. “I have also received support from different embassies. I was inspired by other people like me to start this journey. Without their motivation, I would not have decided in the first place to travel to 125 countries,” he said.

After the completion of his journey, he is planning to publish a travelogue book with the financial assistance of UN.