Discussion on govt’s policies and programmes underway

KATHMANDU: CPN-UML leader Madhav Kumar Nepal expressed dissatisfaction to the government for bringing its policies and programmes for the new fiscal year 2072/73 without holding discussions with all sides.

Taking part in today’s meeting of the Legislature-Parliament on government’s policies and programmes, lawmaker Nepal said country’s development process was not taking a speed due to lack of a common understanding on the basis and foundation of development adding that priorities of the government get changed soon after the change in the leadership.

He urged the government to move ahead by making agriculture, tourism and water resources as the major pillars of economic development.

The former prime minister said that social security and relief to the people living beneath the poverty line should be focused.

“Special attention should be given to provide relief to the quake-affected communities,” Nepal said.

Development of monitoring mechanism was needed to effectively forward the development projects, he argued.

Likewise, UCPN-Maoist lawmaker Krishna Bahadur Mahara said that the policies and programmes of the government failed to offer any excitement and added that absence of government’s representative in the House meeting was unfortunate.

Criticising the policies and programmes, Mahara said that it was a traditional one and has failed to address demands of the suppressed communities.

Saying that there were no programmes to graduate the nation from the least developed country by 2022, Mahara said that the current policies and programmes lack reliable programmes for the same.

Likewise, Nepali Congress lawmaker Padhma Narayan Chaudhary, however, lauded the policies and programmes stating that it has given top priority for the reconstruction of the quake-hit property.

Similarly, Ram Kumar Subba of RPP-Nepal said that the quake-hit people were not getting relief materials in a fair manner.

Also commenting on the government policies and programmes, lawmaker of Madhesi Janadhikar Forum Nepal-Democratic Yogendra Chaudhary accused the policies and programmes of being centrist and unitary.

Earlier, taking time with the Speaker, Nepali Congress lawmaker Jagdishwor Narsingh KC demanded to provide treatment services to those injured in a bus accident in Nuwakot district a few days ago.

Likewise, Prem Bahadur Giri of CPN-UML demanded to provide immediate relief to the flood victims in Jhapa district.

House meeting delayed due to absence of minister

The meeting, which was called for 11 am, was started 15 minutes late due to absence of ministers.

The meeting was delayed soon after the UCPN-Maoist lawmaker Aman Lal Modi raised concerned regarding the absence of a minister in the Parliament meeting.

At least a minister should attend the House meeting while undergoing discussions on government policies and programmes.