Disillusioned folks long for bygone peace, security

KATHMANDU: People are getting increasingly frustrated due to the government’s failure to maintain law and order as well as being unsuccessful in addressing their problems.

“We are paying taxes for the protection of our lives and property but in return we are forced to live in fear,” said Mridula Rana, a banker.

Wednesday, all the Nepalis are asking the government for stability and security from the government. The general administration, including Chief District Officers, Nepal Police, Armed Police Force and Nepal Army seem to be there only in name to provide security, and civilians are concerned about the safety and security measures practiced in the country.

A stressed taxi driver Madhav Prasad Dangol rued, “It was a big mistake supporting these political parties and helping them abolish the monarchy. During the monarchy period, at least law and order was strict and we could earn our daily income. Even the cost of living was not so high.”

A senior officer of the Armed Police Force said, “First, the civilian police has to act. If it doesn’t succeed, then the CDO has to ask us to intervene. During intervention certain casualties might occur but there is no legal system to protect us. We might restore law and order, yet our commanders will be declared criminals.” In these circumstances, the government has to act tough and make laws to support another system to promote peace in the country.

An official of Nepal Police said, “Law and order in our country is not strong. We cannot take action unless we get orders from the government. However, our government’s performance is not good.”

Political parties are too busy looking after their own interests and are eager to grab high profile ministries. People today are looking for a strong government that can deal with every difficulty to maintain peace and prosperity. The government needs to be able to ensure law and order in the country.