District court orders bank to vacate house

Himalayan News Service

Bhaktapur, June 1:

The Bhaktapur district court today ordered the Nepal Bank limited (NBL) Bhaktapur branch to evacuate a house owned by two brothers Mahendra Karmacharya and Gajendra Karmacharya within seven days. "The Bhaktapur court today has asked the Nepal Bank to evacuate the house within seven days," Mahendra said. Earlier, the duo had filed a case seeking its order to the NBL to evacuate their house claiming the agreement signed by the two parties had expired some two months ago. "We moved the court because the bank showed no interest in renewing the contract even after two months of its expirary," said Mahendra. A bank official however, said a dispute emerged between the bank and the house owner after the latter sought insurance of the house and increment in rent.