Don’t take ad hoc decisions, local levels told

Kathmandu, June 3

The Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development has warned the newly elected people’s representatives of local levels against making ad hoc decisions for cheap popularity.

A press release issued by the MoFALD said its serious attention was drawn to the recent ad hoc decision of some office-bearers of local levels to provide additional social security allowance and other facilities to beneficiaries.

“Decision of such kind seeming made to earn cheap popularity without assurance of adequate resources will only make the use of limited resources and means distribution-oriented. The decision made by one local level will also provoke its another counterpart to follow suit, thereby adding to long-term liabilities, which the Government of Nepal and local levels cannot afford,” read the release issued by joint secretary and Spokesperson for the Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development Rudra Singh Tamang.

After assuming his office, Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City Bidya Sundar Shakya had announced that KMC would provide to men and women above 80 and 75 years respectively an additional Rs 12,000 a year as an incentive on the top of the social security allowance they are enjoying. Some other local levels had also made such ad hoc decisions.

The Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development urged the local levels to make available resources investment-oriented rather than distribution-oriented and warned that ‘the tendency of making popular decisions could not also be politically expected at a time when the government is yet to hold the second phase of local level elections’.

The ministry directed the elected representatives of rural municipalities, municipalities, sub-metropolitan cities and metropolitan cities to comply with the Local Levels’ Service Operation and Management Order, 2017 which has clearly set out the functions, duties and powers of chiefs and deputy chiefs of metropolises, municipalities and rural municipalities.

The MoFALD has also voiced a strong objection to the rampant move of  local levels to purchase luxurious vehicles and furniture, increase  facilities of employees and throw a big party at the cost of grant meant  for development activities.