Dr KC may be discharged in 10 to 12 days

Kathmandu, July 27

Senior Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr Govinda KC, who ended his 27-day hunger strike yesterday, remains in the ICU of TU Teaching Hospital and is expected to be discharged from the hospital only after 10 to 12 days.

“Dr KC is recovering slowly. We have kept him in the isolation (special ward inside ICU) and we are providing him treatment,” said Dr Bishad Dahal, an aide to Dr KC.

According to Dahal, the glucose level in his blood has been fully recovered, but blood parameters are still low. A blood test conducted this evening showed that Dr KC’s WBC count is 3,000 per micro-litre, potassium level in the blood is three milli-equivalents per litre, which is slightly below the normal range.

Dr KC will be kept at ICU till tomorrow and shifted to the general ward on Sunday.

“We have been providing the liquid diet to Dr KC.

“Due to chances of gastric mucosa atrophy (loss of gastric glandular cells), we are not providing him solid diet directly at this stage. After shifting him to a normal ward, we will provide him semi-liquid diet and will start giving him solid diet after a few days,” said Dahal.

Meanwhile, the Nepal Medical Association has withdrawn its decision to halt health services except emergency services in all health institutions from today. Issuing a press release, the NMA threatened to continue mass hunger strike in Basantapur, TUTH and its district-based offices across the country to show solidarity with Dr KC’s peaceful movement.