Each constituency to have tech schools

Kathmandu, December 7

The Department of Education is going to establish technical schools in all the constituencies with the objective of providing technical education to students from the school level.

DoE is currently planning to establish at least one technical school in each constituency.

Nepal government had earlier expressed commitment to expand technical and vocational institutes to provide technical human resources during the budget speech.

The government had then decided to allocate budget to provide short-term trainings for skill development for 75,000 human resources required for education, labour and the industrial sector.

Ram Raja Khakurel, deputy director, DoE today said the government will be completing the process of beginning technical education within this fiscal to start the classes from the next year.

Although 100 schools had got permission from the government to run technical classes, currently 99 technical schools are in operation in different parts of the country while there is need to expand these schools in more than 100 constituencies in the country.

The first batch of technical students appeared for the School Leaving Certificate exams last year.

Khakurel said, “We need to establish technical schools in 140 more constituencies at present and make preparations so that the schools could begin academic activities from the upcoming academic session. We have planned to take both regular and technical education hand in hand, he further said.

The government has also allocated budget for renovation of 99 schools.Khakurel further said, “The government has decided to provide financial assistance of Rs one million to two million to schools as per their requirement.”

According to Khakurel, the budget allocated for schools can be used in constructing school building, laboratory and purchasing equipment needed for the laboratory.

Department of Education also informed that higher secondary schools, which have included technical education in their syllabus, will get financial assistance equivalent to the salary of two secondary level school teachers.