Earthquake victims build reservoir to end water woes

Bhaktapur, November 21

Even as residents of Kathmandu Valley are grappling with water shortage with the beginning of dry season, earthquake victims of Liwali, Bhaktapur, have little to worry about.

They have constructed a water reservoir with a capacity of 100,000 litres in their temporary camp. “There are nearly 52 earthquake victim families in the temporary camp.

There are no sources of drinking water available near the camp and water drawn from wells is not fit for drinking purpose. So we now use the reservoir water for drinking purpose after filtering it,” said Narayan Khaitu, an earthquake victim living in the camp.

“Fetching drinking water had become a daily problem for us. Earlier, we used to bring water from a stone spout about 1.2 kilometres from the camp, but now we have nothing to worry about,” said, Chandra Kesari Gosain, another quake victim.

Another quake victim Indra Bahadur Duwal, 89, said the water reservoir had resolved their drinking water woes.

The earthquake victims had constructed the water reservoir with support from Kathmandu Valley Water Supply Management Board, International Rain Water Management Association and brick kilns last year.

Daya Laxmi Chhwaju, who lives in the temporary camp along with her family, said, “After seeing our work, people have been seeking advice for construction of similar reservoirs in their areas.”

The reservoir was constructed at the cost of Rs 4 million.

Bhaktapur Mayor Sunil Prajapati said rainwater harvesting could resolve water woes in the city. “The municipality office is also thinking of replicating the project elsewhere to resolve the problem of water shortage in different parts of the city.”