EC to write to parties to make amends

KATHMANDU: The Election Commission (EC) of Nepal has decided to write a letter within the next thirty days to all the national parties to make amends to the current composition of their respective central committees.

None of the four national parties represented in the Parliament have 33 per cent female members in their central committees, which is a constitutional prerequisite during party registration.

However, the parties did not conform to the rules owing to circumstances under which they registered their parties, the special circumstances being elections in case of Nepali Congress, Federal Socialist Forum Nepal and Rashtriya Janata Party Nepal and organisation immediacy in case of the newly unified Nepal Communist Party (NCP), according to EC officials.

"The Commission will now write to the parties to ensure that they meet the prescribed rules. We will write to all national parties within the next thirty days and inform them regarding the provision," Mukunda Sharma, Deputy Spokesperson at the commission said.

The debate came into fore as the largest national party, the Nepal Communist Party (NCP) failed to represent 33 per cent women in its central committee while registering the newly formed, unified party at the Election Commission.

The EC registered the NCP (NCP) on Wednesday.