Educationists’ pill for quality education

Kathmandu, July 8:

Educationists today called on the government to monitor quality of colleges and qualifications of teachers before admitting any student.

Addressing a discussion programme here, Dr Rameshwor Prasad Singh said an increase in the number of practical subjects was a good sign, but at the same time the lack of human resources to teach students was worrisome.

“Though colleges outside the valley were authorised to teach new subjects like journalism, hotel management, tourism, and rural development, all colleges cannot be trusted. Studies have indicated shortage of trained teachers for new subjects,” Singh added. Education expert Sagarmani Khanal said, “We should be aware of the problems that may arise after the Higher Secondary Education Board ordered the colleges under the board to teach new subjects without any field study on availability of trained teachers.”

Many students are wowed by the names of renowned personalities attached to the schools rather than the quality of education, he said.