Elections must even if Maoist problem is not solved: Giri

Kathmandu, November 9:

The government is committed to holding municipal election even if the Maoist problem is not solved. It has also urged political parties to take part in the elections.

“Elections will held even if the Maoist problem is not solved,” said Dr Tulsi Giri, vice-chairman of the Council of Ministers at a tea party hosted by the office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet on the occasion of sixteenth Constitution Day.

Giri said the elections are being held as per the current Constitution. He asked everyone to support the government stand. Expressing confidence that the coming elections would be free and fair, Giri said none should have doubts about fair elections. When asked about forming an-all party government, Giri said, “The demand for an all-party government should come from the political parties.”

Regarding “constitutional crisis”, Giri added that the Constitution is the document respected by all and if anyone tries to flout it, he or she would be responsible. He asked the political parties to act on time to cooperate with the King as “time and tide don’t wait for anyone.”

Responding to a query, he said he had no plans to form a political party. “I don’t have any immediate plan, I don’t know what will happen in future,” Giri said.

He said that things don’t have to happen just because political parties held a discussion. “The seven parties are not a single institution, even they will compete with one other during elections,” Giri told reporters in the tea party that was attended by ministers, chiefs of security wings, senior government officials, leaders of the Rastriya Prajatantra Party, and some diplomats.