‘Engineer of Engineering Education’ hits bookstores


A book titled ‘Engineer of Engineering Education’ penned by Prof Bhola Thapa is now available in the market. The book has incorporated development and expansion of engineering sector in Nepal and its various dimensions.

Former Registrar of Kathmandu University Prof Thapa wrote the book highlighting the role of Norwegian Prof Dr Inge Johansen in initiation and development of engineering education at Kathmandu University.

The book deals with the contribution of Prof Johansen for KU’s engineering programme.

The book also narrates the inside story of the evolution and development of engineering programme in KU. Saying the book was historic, former Vice-chancellor of KU Prof Suresh Raj Sharma said most of the engineering and medical students wanted to move towards areas of development rather than sticking to the teaching profession.

Similarly, Prof Sitaram Adhikari said one could get a brief historical glimpse of Nepal’s engineering education from the book.

Another former registrar of KU Prof Bhadraman Tuladhar said Prof Thapa had detailed the history from the beginning of KU’s engineering education, its development and expansion as well as the crucial role of founders, lecturers and engineers in his book.

Vice-President of SINTEF Energy Peter Stoeya mentioned that the writer had touched on the development of engineering sector of Nepal in a relevant manner.

Saying he had tried to incorporate experience and theoritical research in the book, Prof Thapa added that he wrote the book thinking that the history of engineering programme and its operation would always be relevant and important.

Likewise, publisher Sama Thapa expressed the view that the book had incorporated the beginning of KU’s engineering programme and its impact on Nepal.

The author is a professor at KU’s Mechanical Engineering Department. He received his PhD in mechanical engineering from Norwegian University of Science and Technology in 2004.