‘Envoys should have bachelor’s degree and proficiency in English’

Kathmandu, July 9

The Ambassador Appointment Criteria endorsed by the Cabinet yesterday has provisioned that an ambassadorial candidate must have attained a minimum qualification of bachelor’s degree and be proficient in the use of English language.

The candidate, who will be appointed for a four-year tenure, should have expertise in diplomacy and knowledge of the country or institution they are being deputed to, and must rise above personal interests to serve national interests in line with the spirit of the Vienna Convention, according to Minister for Foreign Affairs Pradeep Kumar Gyawali.

Moreover, the candidate should not be in the Supreme Court’s blacklist, should not have acquired permanent residency or green card of any foreign country and should not have conflict of interest with the concerned country or institution.

“Since ambassadors have to discharge diplomatic duties representing the entire nation, the government expects them to carry out specific diplomatic roles and represent the country in the right manner,” said Gyawali.

According to the minister, the process of ambassadorial appointment will begin three months prior to the end of the tenure of a serving ambassador in any country to ensure that the post does not remain vacant for long.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs will thoroughly vet probable candidates, and study whether s/he is capable of representing Nepal in a foreign country in a way that would boost Nepal’s image and discharge specific duties assigned.

The minister said the process of appointing ambassadors in countries where ambassadorial posts are vacant had begun. At present, ambassadors to India, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates and the UN Permanent Mission are to be sent.

As per the criteria, the government will appoint 50 per cent of ambassadors from among career diplomats and 50 per cent from outside.