Experts laud NA for penalising erring personnel

Kathmandu, December 4

Security experts have lauded the Nepali Army for recommending 173 personnel, including 19 officers, for court martial after they were found guilty of irregularities and/or wrongdoing.

A nine-member military court formed under a major general had made the recommendation on November 29.

Security experts commented that it was a positive move which reflected Chief of Army Staff Purna Chandra Thapa’s commitment to purging the national security force.

Security expert Geja Sharma Wagle said that CoAS Thapa was trying to build NA as a professional institution. “For a long time there was no such strong action taken by CoAS. This shows that CoAS Thapa wants to do something good in NA,” he said.

Another security expert and lawmaker Deepak Prakash Bhatta said court martial was the right thing to do to deal with irregularities and wrongdoings in the NA. He said the NA had never taken action against such a large number of personnel for wrongdoing. He also said that the move had enriched NA’s image.

The military court slapped a six-year jail term on two non-officer level army personnel rendering them ineligible for government jobs. As per the military court’s verdict, six personnel, including two officers, will have to serve jail sentence between 35 days and three years. They were, however, not rendered ineligible for government jobs.

According to the Nepali Army, two personnel, including an officer, will have to pay part of the amount in question, as well as fine. They were, however, not rendered ineligible for government services.

The military court ordered sacking of a non-officer level post holder without rendering him ineligible for government jobs. As per the court’s decision, a non-officer level post holder will have to pay part of the amount in question and will be ineligible for promotion for four years.

A total of 101  army personnel, who were recruited in violation of eligibility criteria, will lose their jobs but remain eligible for government jobs. Five army personnel below the officer-level rank will not be eligible for promotion from two to five years. Thirty-seven personnel, who were found guilty of financial irregularities, will not be promoted for at least three years. Seventeen army personnel, including 16 officers, will be served warning letters for not fulfilling their official duty; one non-officer level post holder was demoted.