Experts seek govt help

Kathmandu, March 14:

Experts on kidney treatment today urged the government to provide financial assistance to kidney patients as treatment for kidney related diseases was very costly which was difficult for the general people to afford.

Dr Rishi Kumar Kafle, consultant nephrologist and president of National Kidney Treatment Centre (NKTC), informed that around 2.7 million people are suffering from one or the other kind of kidney disease in Nepal.

He pointed out the need to provide financial support to kidney patients by the government as the relatives and families of such victims faced huge financial burdens.

He informed that just a simple dialysis costs Rs 2,500 and the patients who need to undergo dialysis need it twice a week.

He also recommended the people to stick to proper diet and exercise as it could significantly reduce chances of kidney ailments.

He also recommended people to test their urine at least once a year so that they could keep themselves informed about the state of the kidneys.

Laxman Aryal, constitutional expert, urged the government to first develop infrastructure for health facilities before declaring health as the fundamental right of the citizens.

He also pointed out the need to ensure ‘right to life’ of all citizens.

He appealed to the government to address the problems faced by kidney patients and urged the people to press the government on this campaign.

He also recommended the general public to be cautious and aware of their personal health as it was the most important aspect of their life.

Bishnu Subedi, administrative director of NKTC, said increasing number of kidney patients indicated the need for awareness among the general people. He also urged national and international companies to help make kidney treatment more affordable by the general people.