Female drug users cry for rights

KATHMANDU: Female drug users have demanded equal rights, policies and law to facilitate their rehabilitation in the society.

Dr Laxmi Raj Pathak, director, National Centre for AIDS and STD Control, said the government was formulating a national policy to redress the woes of female drug users. Addressing the first National Consultation meeting of Dristi Nepal, he said strategies and working procedures were being formulated to address the issue. He said organisations working with drug users should guide the government in respecting their rights.

Dr Nirmal Pandey, representative, Future Group International and ASHA project, said Dristi was preventing potential female drug users from consuming drugs. He said they were raising awareness through meetings and interactions.

He added that female Intravenous Drug Users were getting exposure to the society and were advocating for the rights of female drug users.

Parina Subba Limbu, programme coordinator, Dristi Nepal, said they were working for taking preventive measures for female IDUs and said they were making efforts to guarantee their rights.

Anju Gurung, a drug user and Dristi Nepal Butwal representative, said in the absence of facilities from the state female IDUs were compelled to work as sex workers.