Festivals like Indrajatra are cultural assets of Nepal: PM Oli

KATHMANDU: Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has said festivals celebrated by Nepalis of various ethnicities and communities living in diverse geography have tied all the Nepalis in a thread of unity.

PM Oli said this in a message of best wishes extended on the occasion of the Indrajatra festival today. He said the Nepalis have defeated the evil efforts aimed at weakening the national unity at various times in the light of this very culture.

Noting that the government has adopted the policy of preserving and promoting such cultural festivals, the Prime Minister said, "We have to send out the message that Nepalis are united amidst the ethnic, religious and cultural diversity."

He also reminded that festivals like Indrajatra that give out a rich message of inter-cultural goodwill are cultural assets of Nepal and this cultural foundation of a strong national unity is a matter of dignity for Nepalis.

The Prime Minister, through his message, called upon all to fulfil the responsibility of building a strong national economy, happy lifestyle and prosperous nation by overcoming the adverse impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

He has also urged one and all to join hands in the government initiation of fulfilling the aspiration of prosperous Nepal and happy Nepali, and by safeguarding oneself against the pandemic.

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