FHS yet to make inroads into poor households: Study

KATHMANDU: A study on Free Health Service (FHS) commissioned by the Resource Centre for Primary Health Care has recommended for the effective dissemination of information to the target groups in order for them to avail the service.

The study recommended that fully functional health facilities be ensured to improve and strengthen the service delivery. The report also recommended for the establishment of an FHS unit under the Department of Health Services with adequate authority and human resources.

The field study was carried out in Bardiya, Dailekh, Surkhet and Dadeldhura districts covering 189 households.

More than 95 per cent of respondents said they visited health facilities at least once after the launch of FHS, according to the report.

Dr Shiva Raj Lohani, team leader of the study, said the share of the FHS budget in the national health budget is declining. He also accused the government for the unavailability of drugs throughout the year.

The survey report also recommended for a long-term planning on FHS. Lohani added that the country should include the concept of public-private partnership, involving new partnerships at different levels.