Form Education Commission: CNT


Confederation of Nepalese Teachers (CNT) has suggested that the Constituent Assembly members ensure formation of High-level Education Commission in the constitution to give direction and recommendation to the state to reform the education sector.

The CA secretariat on Monday began two-day public hearings throughout the country as part of the drive to collect people’s feedback on the first draft of the new constitution.

Issuing a press statement here on Monday, CNT suggested that the government have in place a constitutional Teachers Service Commission for teachers’ recruitment, selection for promotion and recommendation.

It said that the constitution should ensure school education free of cost and at least 20 per cent of the national budget should be allocated by the federal government and national government to the education sector.

CTN has also suggested inclusion of Early Childhood Development (ECD) in school education to give free education from ECD to grade XII. Teachers have asked the concerned authority to define teachers as ‘Labourer’ who have the right to organise like in a trade union and ensure teaching in the mother-tongue from ECD to Secondary level in the constitution.

Article 39 (3) of the draft constitution has stated that every labourer shall have the right to form trade union, participate in it and organise collective bargaining.