Four foreign nationals held with 6 kg cocaine

Kathmandu, December 22

Narcotics Control Bureau arrested four foreigners, including a woman, with six kilograms of cocaine from different places of Kathmandu yesterday.

The alleged associates of the international drug racket taken into NCB custody have been identified as Pavel Vasilyeu (passport number AB2712060) and Alina Aldoshyana (passport number KH2464426) of Belarus, and Roberto Carlos Merubia Mariace and Raul Zambrana Ordonez of Bolivia. The consignments of cocaine would fetch the racketeers up to Rs 160 million in the international drug market, NCB said.

NCB held the Belarusians from Tribhuvan International Airport with three kg cocaine each, yesterday evening. The drug was found to have been concealed in the linings of eight winter jackets during an X-ray screening of suitcases they were carrying at departure point of the TIA, said Deputy Inspector General Dinesh Amatya, NCB incharge.

The Belarusians, including a woman, were preparing to board a Cathay Pacific Airways fight bound for Hong Kong.

NCB officials interrogated them leading to arrest of the Bolivians from a Thamelbased hotel. The Belarusians told police that the consignments of cocaine was given to them by the Bolivians for smuggling the drug to Hong Kong. According to NCB, they did not know each other and they were given special identity by their bosses.

The Bolivian men had arrived in Kathmandu from Brazil via Ethiopia and India on December 19, with the cocaine, while the Belarusians came to Kathmandu from their home country through Turkey the same day. They met at the hotel and the Bolivians handed over the consignments of drug to Belarusians.

NCB said they were believed to be working as drug carriers for the Brazil-based racket. International drug racketeers are found to be smuggling cocaine to various destinations by making Nepal their transit.

Cocaine is often known as ‘a rich person’s drug’ and is not consumed in Nepal due to its high price, officials said. It is a powerful addictive stimulant made from the leaves of coca plant native to South America.

Earlier, a Bolivian woman was arrested with three kilograms of cocaine concealed in false bottom of a jacket from TIA. Herrera Arteaga Olga (passport number CE 28072) had arrived here from Dubai.

NCB said there might be connection between her and the latest four persons.