Lalitpur, February 28 Nepal Cancer Hospital and Research Centre has announced that it will provide free cancer screening to all journalists and provide a 30 per cent discount for their parents’ treatment. Speaking at the programme, Rukmangat Katuwal, former chief of the Nepalese Army, said it was extremely important to spread awareness about cancer in the whole country. Many cancer patients take cancer diagnosis  as a death sentence and are not aware that treatment is possible, if detected early. Regular check-ups for the disease is therefore important, he said. Katuwal said, “It is therefore important that Nepali journalists know about cancer and about how to seek treatment for cancer because it is their duty to spread awareness about the disease.” Sudip Shrestha, executive chairman of Nepal Cancer Hospital and Research Centre, said, “We have organised this programme to raise awareness as effectively as possible among the general public. Although our hospitals can provide proper treatment, many don’t have faith in our health care system, and don’t even know whether treatment is possible, and where to seek it.”