Free health camp for Khokana single women

Lalitpur, January 16:

Khokana Single Women Group today organised a free health camp for the single women of the locality. Up to 200 single women attended the camp.

Khokana is a small village in Lalitpur Sub Metropolitan City with majority of Newar communities and agriculture is the major livelihood of the locals there.

Shrada Pradhan, coordinator of the programme, said, “The status of single women is miserable throughout the nation because they are ignored by their family, society and the state too. They don’t think about their health since they are busy in farming and household works. That’s why we organised this camp.”

At the camp, a number of women were found to be suffering from uterus prolapse, heart problem and asthma.

Pradhan said, “We referred the critical cases to Patan Hospital for further treatment.”