Free party from GPK's grip: NC vice prez

KATHMANDU: Nepali Congress (NC) vice president Prakash Man Singh today asked party leaders and cadres to free the party from the grip of president Girija Prasad Koirala.

Calling the president's move to recommend his daughter Sujata Koirala for Deputy Prime Minister undemocratic and guided by nepotism, Singh said, "The party will face a disaster if it cannot be freed from his personal control." The party will now function in the true spirit of an organisation, not according to the whims of a person.

Addressing a tea party organised by NC Kathmandu Constituency-4 working committee, Singh said everyone should stand against the president's unilateral decision. "The party is not anybody's inheritance," he reasoned.

Son of party's late veteran leader Ganesh Man Singh, he urged everyone concerned to work for the success of the Mahasamiti meeting slated to be held on November 1-3. "The Mahasamiti will boost party's internal democracy and correct its weaknesses, besides taking other crucial decisions," he added.

The vice president criticised the Unified CPN-Maoist for trying to impose provisions flouting the spirit of rule of law and separation of power in the new constitution.

NC leader Gagan Thapa urged party office bearers to call Sujata Koirala back from the government if her elevation to the post of DPM is not for the party's welfare. “Passing comments in public is not the way but institutional decision should be taken,” he said.