Free secondary education not feasible: PABSON

Kathmandu, May 14:

Participants in a function organised by All Nepal National Free Students Union (ANNFSU) today opined that free education up to Grade X is not possible in the immediate future.

“Can Nepal government pay salary to 150,000 teachers to provide free education up to Grade X?” questioned Bhoj Bahadur Shah, president of the Private and Boarding Schools Organisation Nepal (PABSON) while addressing an interaction organised on the occasion of 44th Students’ Day. He, however, said free education could be possible if a policy is implemented in phases and if the government wanted.

Nationalisation of schools is not possible because Maoist chairman Prachanda has already said the investment of the business community would be safeguarded.

Director of the Education Department Mahashram Sharma said although education is the right of every child, implementation of the policy of free education up to the Grade X depends on government’s priorities.

President of All Nepal National Independent Students Union -Revolutionary Lekhnath Neupane urged the political parties to make their vision regarding education clear. “If we continue with the existing structure in the education sector frustration is sure to rise,” he said, adding that the dual education system should end as soon as possible.

UML central committee member Surendra Pandey said the autonomous regions and the central government should contribute in appropriate proportions to ensure free education in new Nepal.

President of Nepal Teachers Organisation Hira Nepal was for solving the problems of temporary teachers and the employees first. He was of the view that shifting schools from the existing places could help implement the policy of free education, as many schools are situated at a very close distance.

On students’ behalf Sushma Shrestha of Mahendra Bouddha Secondary School asked the government to provide text books on time. She also said the schools should have all the facilities needed.

ANNFSU president Thakur Gaire presented a paper on providing free education up to Grade X.