FSF-Nepal to shift agitation focus to Kathmandu

KATHMANDU: The Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal, one of the major constituents of the protesting United Democratic Madhesi Front, on Sunday decided to launch Kathmandu-centric national protests claiming the first amendment to the Constitution was insufficient to address its demands.

The party decided so after its central committee meeting discussed strategies of protesters following the Parliament's endorsement of the amendment on Saturday.

According to the party, most of the members speaking at the meeting stressed the need to centralise the protest programme in Kathmandu in order to take it to a logical conclusion.

"The government amended the Constitution unilaterally and forcefully," FSF-N Chairman Upendra Yadav said after the meeting, "The amendment cannot address the Madhes agitation."

He added that the party would form alliances with pro-identity forces to intensify the protests.

The meeting concluded that the government was not serious about resolving the current unrest through talks, so there was no alternative to waging the 'decisive agitation'.

Meanwhile, the party demanded that a high-level committee be formed to investigate into the government's suppression on Madhes protests.

The FSF-N meeting, which began on Friday, concluded today, by issuing 12 decisions.

The decisions would be made public at a press conference on Monday.