Fuel station sealed as refilled vehicles cease and drivers find out watery diesel

KATHMANDU: A fuel station at Sallaghari of Bhaktapur has been sealed on charge of selling adulterated diesel.

After receiving complaints from consumers that their vehicles witnessed problems in engine, a team deployed from the Department of Commerce inspected the Suryabinayak Oil Store today. During the inspection, led by Department of Commerce's Director Harinarayan Belbase, the team reportedly found out the fuel station mixed diesel with water.

According to Rastriya Samachar Samiti, five vehicles that filled diesel at the station this morning had ceased. As one of the drivers took out the fuel from the tank of his bus, it was revealed that the diesel was watery and thus adulterated, the report said.

Superintendent of Police Kiran Bajracharya at the Metropolitan Police Range, Bhaktapur, informed that the fuel station had received 4000 litres of diesel on Sunday for distribution.

Department of Commerce officials collected samples of the apparently adulterated diesel for further test.

Nepal is currently reeling under fuel shortage due to the blockade at the major Nepal-India border entry points for over three months.