Fund allocation for education sector increased

Kathmandu, May 29

The government has increased the budget for the education sector.

Presenting the budget for the fiscal 2018-19, Finance Minister Yuba Raj Khatiwada said the government had increased the budget under the title ‘education, science and technology’ by Rs 100 million. The government has allocated Rs 1.36 billion under the title. It had allocated Rs 1.26 billion under the title last fiscal.

The government has also allocated Rs 14 billion for the University Grants Commission. Last year, UGC was earmarked a budget of Rs 14 billion. The budget envisions making secondary education free and compulsory, achieving nationwide literacy within two years, providing nutritious lunch for students up to Grade V, removing one per cent tax imposed on education and establishing technical and vocational schools in all local levels.

The government also plans to provide free higher education to children from Dalit and other communities on the verge of extinction. The government also plans to establish Madan Bhandari Science and Technology Foundation.