Fund set up for treating people hurt in demos

Kathmandu, April 11:

Popular comedy actors Madan Krishna Shrestha and Hari Bansha Acharya, popularly known as Maha Jodi, today set up a Jana Andolan First Aid Treatment Fund for the treatment of the people injured during the ongoing people’s movement for democracy.

The fund has been instituted in order to share the excessive pressure of patients visiting the Kathmandu Model Hospital for treatment of injuries sustained during demonstrations.

The Maha duo has provided Rs 100,000 for the fund. The Public Health Concerned Trust (PHECT) Nepal under whose banner the Kathmandu Model Hospital is providing its services ,also provided an equal amount for the fund.

Likewise, doctors of the hospital including Dr Rajesh Dhoj Joshi, Dr Basanta Panta and chairman of the PHECT Suman Shrestha provided Rs 50,000, Rs 25,000 and Rs 25,000 respectively.

The hospital and the comedy actors duo have appealed to all to make contributions to the treatment fund.