Kathmandu, September 4 Newly formed Federal Democratic Alliance today demanded that the deadline for registering draft constitution amendment proposal be extended so as to bring the agitating forces to the negotiating table. Coordinator of the alliance Bijaya Kumar Gachhadar said extending deadline for registration of amendment proposal would help bridge gap between the ruling parties and the protesting parties. United Democratic Madhesi Front has asked the prime minister to pause the constitution-making process but the three major parties have thus far refused to accept the demand. Organising a press conference, Gachhadar said if the three parties promulgated the constitution without addressing the agitators’ concerns, it could intensify conflict and they would be held responsible for the consequences. Gachhadar said heavy deployment of security personnel had changed Tarai region into a battle field. “State terrorism and repression must end in Madhes,” he added. He, however, urged the protesting parties to carry out their protest programmes peacefully and not vandalise offices of the rival parties and individuals’ houses. Gachhadar reiterated that if the three major parties promulgated the constitution without addressing the concerns of the protesting parties, the alliance would quit the constitution-making process. He said the protesting parties were positive to hold talk and the Big Three should also respond positively by meeting some of the former’s conditions. Gachhadar claimed that the three parties were positive about addressing the concerns of the protesting forces of the Tarai. Meanwhile, the alliance issued a press release urging all to support the protest being organised against the provisions of draft constitutions, including the boundaries of the seven federal units.