Gagan Thapa criticises govt’s health policy

Kathmandu, June 22

Former health minister and Nepali Congress lawmaker Gagan Thapa has said the programmes related to health introduced by the government undermines the achievements of the previous government led by NC.

Speaking at the Parliament meeting today, lawmaker Thapa said, “Most of the programmes have been brought haphazardly, which shows lack of knowledge about challenges facing the health sector.”

He said although the government has increased budget for the health sector, the programmes envisioned by the government neglect similar programmes launched by the previous governments.

Criticising the government’s plan to allocate a huge chunk of budget for the local levels, Minister Thapa said, “The health sector should not be taken like other programmes, especially when the government is facing difficulties managing health workers.”

The government has allocated Rs 4 billion to set up health posts in all the local levels.

Thapa also accused the government of abandoning previous programmes that the previous government was working on. The Government has allocated Rs 56 billion for the health sector for the fiscal 2018/19.