Kathmandu, September 10

Fifty-eight-year-old Ganga Maya Adhikari, mother of Krishna Prasad Adhikari, who was allegedly killed by the then CPN-Maoist cadres in Chitwan, has decided to move the High Court after the district court acquitted 12 people accused of having a hand in the murder of her son.

Ganga Maya is planning to appeal to the high court after receiving a copy of the verdict issued by the district court.

Ganga Maya, mother of Krishna Prasad, has warned that she will resume her fast-unto-death if the district court fails to provide a copy of the verdict, within 45 days. “In the hope of getting justice, I have been on a fast-unto-death for seven years. But this time also, the government cheated me. The government tricked me and acquitted the murderers within two months. However, I will fight for justice and appeal at the High Court,” said Ganga Maya, adding that she would fight until she got justice. “Though I have lost hope of getting justice, I will not stop fighting. If the government fails, I will appeal in the International Court of Justice against the government.”

After getting information of the District Court’s decision, Ganga Maya started avoiding food from yesterday. However, advocates convinced her to break her unofficial fast-unto-death today. Human Right Activists Charan Prasain, Advocate Ashik Ram Karki, Senior Advocate Babu Ram Giri, today visited Ganga Maya at Bir Hospital and convinced her to drop her idea of resuming her fast-unto-death.

Ashik Ram Karki, who pleaded in the court on behalf of Ganga Maya, informed that resuming her fast-unto-death was worthless. He said, “It is the decision of the District Court to acquit people accused of having a hand in the murder of Adhikari. The government cannot intervene in the decision, as it is a case of the government.”

He further said, “Ganga Maya needs to understand that she can get justice only through the court now. For this, she has to appeal in the High Court. If she is not satisfied with the decision of the High Court, she has the right to appeal in the Supreme Court. As long as there are options for appealing, one cannot appeal in the International Court of Justice. If she is not  satisfied with the Supreme Court, the last choice of Ganga Maya will be the International Court of Justice.”

Speaking with THT, senior Advocate Babu Ram Giri said Ganga Maya’s  health condition is deteriorating and she cannot walk without support. In such a condition, she needs to be alive to get justice.