‘Garbage collectors at high risk of suffering from respiratory illness’

Kathmandu, April 13

Garbage collectors are at the high risk of suffering from various diseases as they lack knowledge of personal hygiene and are compelled to work without adopting safety measures.

While presenting a research paper at the fourth national summit of health and population scientists, Dr Yuba Raj Baral, research leader co-ordinator of Phase Nepal, said that garbage collectors were at the high risk of suffering from respiratory problems and depression.

The research conducted by his team showed that those workers were more prone to diseases as many of them were addicted to tobacco and alcohol and lacked awareness of sanitation and hygiene.

“Garbage collectors work for long hours under unhealthy and unhygienic conditions which increases their chances of falling ill. They are likely to fall ill once at least once in a month,” Dr Baral told The Himalayan Times.

“Such workers are at the high risk of suffering from muscle pain, shortness of breath, tiredness and depression,” added the doctor.

There are chances that they suffer from infectious disease and chronic health problems. They also suffer from gastrointestinal diseases and skin problems, according to the doctor.

“It is necessary to work wearing personal protective equipment such as helmet, safety boots, apron and goggles,” said Dr Baral.

People working in the waste management sector are also prone to water-borne diseases and infections due to their poor living conditions. Pure drinking water should be made available to them,” added the doctor.