Gender minorites cry for rights

KATHMANDU: Participants in an interaction on Thursday demanded that the new constitution guarantee rights of the sexual and gender minorities in the new constitution.

Bhumika Shrestha, human right activist and a third sex demanded that the rights of sexual and gender minorities be guaranteed in the new constitution. She also appealed to people not to cast sexual aspersions against them. Shrestha demanded security and policies to protect the rights of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersexuals (LGBTI).

“We face problems using our citizenship and passports. The government should make provisions for LGBTIs in such documents as well,” she said. She demanded that the new constitution also guarantee property rights for LGBTIs.

Minister for Science and Technology, Ganesh Shah, said that LGBTI should also be provided reservations in all government offices.

Mina Pandey, Constitution Assembly member, said that the activities of BDS had left an impact in the society and the new constitution would try to address the demands raised by LGBTIs.

Sanjay Sharma, regional project in-charge of eastern regional branch of BDS and a third gender said, “We don’t want financial assistance but want out rights so that we can show our potentials.”

Bhakti Sah, another participant said he was fired from the Nepali Army (NA) for acting unlike men.

He demanded that the government guarantee job and an opportunity to pursue the education of their choice.

The programme was organised by Blue Diamond Society (BDS) — an organisation for LGBTIs.