Global Handwashing Day Observed

Kathmandu, October 15

With the aim of increasing awareness and understanding about importance of washing hands with soap, Global Handwashing Day was observed, today.

Washing hands is an affordable way to prevent diseases and save lives. By washing our hands, we can prevent diseases such as pneumonia, diarrhoea and typhoid, stated Dr Anup Bastola, dermatologist at Sukraraj Tropical and Infectious Disease Hospital, Teku, Kathmandu. He said only 19 per cent people washed their hands over the world after they changed the diaper of their babies, adding that 40 per cent of health workers washed their hands after treating patients.

“Washing hands with clean water in normal state can prevent a person from getting in contact with diseases,” said Dr Aruna Upreti, a nutritionist. She informed that a person in contact with dirt should use soap available in the house while others can wash their hands with clean water before eating.

Upreti opined that soap advertisements these days were misleading. “We have advertisements of cosmetic soaps which claim that the use of the soaps kills all bacteria. These advertisements are totally wrong.  Soaps never kill all bacteria,” she said. She added that she never used a soap until she came in contact with dirt but she made sure that she washed her hands with clean water before eating.

“One can wash hands with any soap available in the house. Not necessary you need to have cosmetic products. The government should act against misleading advertisements,” she opined.

“We should wash our hands before and after eating. Likewise, we should wash our hands after using diapers, sneezing, coughing, travelling through public places, getting in contact with soil and treatment of patients. These simple things will help us prevent diarrhoea and breathing, skin and eye related problems, among others, to a considerable extent ,” Dr Anup said.