Golden temple awaits reconstruction

Lalitpur, November 4

Hiranyabarna Mahabihar,a popular monument in Patan Durbar Square, which was badly damaged during the earthquake last year, has yet to be reconstructed.

Although the main structure, which is also called the golden temple, remained relatively safe during the 7.6 magnitude earthquake and its subsequent aftershocks, the walls of many other buildings on its premises have developed cracks, according to Hiranyabarna Manabihar Conservation Committee Chairperson Bikashratna Dhakhwa.

“The roofs in many of these buildings have not fallen but have visibly caved in,” said Dhakhwa, adding that the old buildings to the right and left of the temple also needed retrofitting.

“The delay in the reconstruction of the quake-damaged buildings on the premises of this ancient monument is due to lack of sufficient budget,” said Dhakhwa.

He added that although the Indian Embassy in Kathmandu had pledged financial assistance for reconstruction of the buildings on the temple premise, bureaucratic hurdles and lack of clearance from National Reconstruction Authority were hampering reconstruction work.

“Although the Department of Archaeology has permitted reconstruction, the NRA has yet to grant permit for the same,” said Dhakhwa.