Govt preparing to appoint provincial governors

Kathmandu, December 21

At a time when political parties are locking horns over the bill relating to election of National Assembly members, the government is preparing to appoint provincial governors.

According to Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Yagya Bahadur Thapa, the appointment of provincial governors is a must due to the constitutional provision that provincial assembly members must be sworn in by governors.

“We will appoint non-controversial and neutral figures as provincial governors,” Minister Thapa told The Himalayan Times.

The left alliance, however, has taken strong exception to the government’s preparations to appoint provincial governors.

Minister Thapa also said that the Cabinet meeting was postponed this week in an effort to forge consensus among the political parties on appointment of governors. A Cabinet meeting was expected to take place today to announce temporary provincial headquarters.

Minister Thapa, however, made it clear that the government was in no mood to hold any dialogue on the ordinance relating to National Assembly election.

“As per the constitution, there is no option for the president other than to issue the ordinance,” he said.

According to Minister for Urban Development Dill Nath Giri, the government is also seeking consensus on temporary headquarters of the provinces.

“Once the ordinance related to National Assembly election is issued by the president, other things will move ahead smoothly,” he said. He also informed that his ministry had made all preparations to announce temporary headquarters of the provinces.