Govt directed to fill vacant VDC secy posts

Kathmandu, December 19

The Parliamentary Development Committee today directed the government to fill all the vacant posts VDC secretaries across the country within the next two months.

Following a meeting with Minister of State for Local Development Kunti Shahi and other senior officials, Chairman of the committee Rabindra Adhikari said the committee directed the government to fill the vacant posts as development and reconstruction works had been seriously affected in absence of VDC secretaries.

He said the committee had directed the Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development, Ministry of General Administration and Public Service Commission to fill the vacant posts of VDC secretaries in 419 VDCs. There are a total of 3,157 VDCs across the country.

VDC secretaries in several earthquake districts have left their offices, depriving earthquake victims of necessary support from the government.

Of the total 79 VDCs in Sindhupalchowk, one of the worst quake-hit districts, only 54 VDCs have secretaries.

PSC Chair Mainali, however, accused the government of transferring VDC secretaries haphazardly on the recommendation of the government employees unions.

Adhikari said the committee had directed the government to fill all the vacant positions in the VDCs a year ago. He also directed the MoGA and MoFALD to inform the committee if they face problems in implementing its directive.

Adhikari further said due to the absence of secretaries in the VDCs, the government had not only failed to distribute compensation to the quake victims but had also also failed to collect exact data of damage caused by the quake.