Govt not creating hurdle to consensus: Minister Rai

Bhaktapur, July 9

Minister for Information and Communications Sherdhan Rai today said the incumbent government was not creating hurdles in forging national consensus.

At a programme organised by Federation of Nepali Journalists, Minister Rai said, “The Prime Minister has been calling for national consensus since the beginning. So, we are ready for national consensus.”  Minister Rai took the occasion to urge Nepali Congress look back at the 16-point agreement and the path shown by the constitution.

The implementation of the constitution should not be obstructed in name of agreement, he said, adding that the government would not hold consultations with those who did not want to implement the constitution and hold elections.  He reminded that the present government had fought for national prestige.

“This government has announced plans to complete reconstruction within the next five years. It has also prepared a clear guideline for implementation of the new constitution. Only those who do not want to appreciate the government’s achievements want to topple the government. But this will not happen just because they want it,” he said.

Minister Rai said that the government was always ready to seek a solution to the Tarai crisis by renewing negotiations with the Madhes-centric parties.

“The government has already sent three letters to the agitating parties, but the dialogue is not taking place due to differences within the United Democratic Madhesi Front,” he added.

“If the Madhesi Front agrees to resolve problems by giving up its demand for rewriting the constitution, the dialogue with the government will reach a conclusion,” said Minister Rai. He urged the UDMF to resolve its internal differences and sit for dialogue with the government.