Govt offers Rs 10 mln to "child prodigy" Aditya

KATHMANDU: The government on Friday decided to provide Rs 10 million assistance to the Aditya Samrakshan Pratisthan (Aditya Protection Foundation), an organisation formed to ensure health and well-being of "child prodigy" Aditya Dahal,

A Cabinet meeting held today made the decision to support the five-year-old alleged miracle boy, who has been projected as Google Boy by many for his alleged encyclopedic knowledge and prophetic capabilities.

Though he cannot speak properly, Aditya Dahal makes predictions and communicates with the family members and visitors in writing.

He suffers from physical disabilities since his birth. He recently returned to Nepal from San Francisco of the United States after a medical tour.

The government had provided financial support to his treatment earlier also.

The Aditya Protection Foundation is registered at the Kathmandu District Administration Office.

The Cabinet meeting made other major decision also.