Govt seeks to promote eco-friendly transport

Kathmandu, December 15

The Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development has directed Kathmandu Metropolitan City, all 12 sub-metropolitan cities and 20 municipalities in the Kathmandu Valley to send their suggestions regarding the promotion of sustainable public transport through the use of alternative technologies.

It is a part of the government’s move to find an answer to the ongoing energy crisis and reduce environment pollution by promoting sustainable public transport service through the use of alternative technologies in the urban areas.

The municipal bodies have been asked to hold discussion with the concerned local administrations, stakeholder agencies, transport entrepreneurs and cooperative bodies, and furnish their collective opinion as well as suggestions on the issues within 15 days.

An official at MoFALD said a circular to this effect was issued on December 10.

The government has been laying groundwork to gradually replace fuel-run public vehicles with electric vehicles and other means of transportation using alternative technologies.

As per the directive of MoFALD, the concerned local bodies are required to find a common stance on the proposal for promotion of green and eco-friendly technologies.

“A public company headed by the concerned metropolis, sub-metropolis and municipalities should be established.

The local bodies will own majority shares in such a public company, while public and transport entrepreneurs will also have a stake,” read an excerpt of the circular.

The concerned local bodies, transport entrepreneurs and other stakeholders will participate in the drive to replace fuel-run public vehicles with eco-friendly ones under the concept of public-private partnership.